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When all you Want is Everything

Everyone aspires for the best quality product at the most cost effective price,
in shortest possible time, to work for longest period of time.
We at Kinol fulfill your requirements, when all you want is everything.

Our quality department makes use of the best in technology and equipment to bring you a well-balanced and stable product which will provide consistent quality and performance. We ensure, that all the input material, passes through stringent quality checks and conform to the highest industrial standards.

R & D

Our R & D team is constantly working in close proximity with the customer, to improve on the quality of the product. We are in constant touch with our customers to understand their specific requirements and are offering tailor made solutions for special applications which helps in optimizing the customers productivity as well as reducing their cost per component.


In today's fast paced world, it is most important to preserve the environment, and we do our bit by minimizing wastage, and take special care in disposal of waste. Kinol has taken special care to ensure that the ingredients used for manufacturing are safe and not a health hazard. Safety at workplace is a very important factor for any user and we recognize this and work towards ensuring that our products are dermatoligcally safe and do not pose any risk to health.

Why Kinol?

• Anti Bacterial
• Cost Effective
• Improved Tool Life
• Better Component Finish
• Long Sump Life
• Environment Friendly
• Better Rust Protection

Technology Of The Time, Technology With The Time